Five Steps on Layering a Place Setting | Spring Dining

Spring Dining Table in colors of ivory, coral and gold

Color is Everything…

It is our immediate thought when designing anything including a spring dining table. A living space, getting dressed, flowers for your garden. If so immediately important, why do so many avoid the topic of color when executing a designs?  One word…uncertainty.

You will 100% gravitate toward your tried and true color safety nets. But when it comes to exploring new colors, it is not that easy for most. That’s where we see a reluctance for infusing colors outside of the chromatic comfort zone.

I’ll review a few tips on how I curated a new color story and how I layered the elements for this lovely place setting for spring dining.

As a case study let’s take a closer look at the this featured place setting design I created for Living Beautifully’s spring collection.

Spring Dining Color Palette: Insider Tips

1. You need inspiration. What is the base idea for your design? If a a new design is desired but nothing it catching your eye, start with Pinterest. Pining ideas from others is a great way to start. No design ever started without inspiration. This is where an event starts with design, so do the same for your in-home event. When searching for ideas, pay attention to what you think is beautiful. Don’t reject the idea because every item is not to your taste. Instead focus on the task, which is inspiration.

Here I chose a Placemat in one of my favorite spring colors of Butter. Buttery yellow is a quintessential spring/summer color.  The addition of a placemat with a fashion inspired gold chain adds a bit of playfulness that I adore. Together the color and textures are perfect for receiving a multi-hued design that is subtle and refined. For this design, the placemat was the first layer of inspiration.

2. Next I chose the napkin with it’s golden and neutral tones. (To be honest my friend Nancy spotted the items in my showroom and decided they were perfect together months ago. Remembering her inspiration, I thought it was a good time to feature the “look.”

3. Color was partly chosen with napkin and placemat combination, but more was needed. I could have easily have done shades of yellow, ivory, and white. But I like a little more for this look. So my favorite go-to for spring is shades of soft coral, butter/yellow and dark rose/pink. The color harmony is wonderful especially if a full design of pastels is not your ideal color story.

4. Next the double narcissus napkin ring with its creamy hand-painted petals. The gold complemented the placemat chain without causing too much fuss.

5. Stemware is next. Originally I wanted all clear glasses thinking this was the perfect choice. That idea was quickly scraped and the amber optic crystal wine glasses were chosen. The bicos water goblet in soft rose/pink was my favorite addition. It pulled the rose tone from the florals adding a touch of color dimensionality to the table’s combined elements.

6. Lastly texture in the form of a petite clear and ruffled gold dish. Easily used as a bread and butter plate, or to receive a lovely fresh cup of fruit or an amuse bouche.


Color played the most significant role here in transforming the table to new heights. If I mentioned I was using amber stemware with a spring table, most would agree it sounds wrong. But, you can see here how relaxing and letting the color flow unreluctantly adds dimension and a wonderfully inspiring hue.

My greatest tip is practice; yes, practice. If you feel you want to entertain at an advanced level, practice a setting. Choose one place setting with items you feel are great but maybe too timid to use for company. Keep adding and subtracting elements along with some floral inspiration pictures take from pinterest. As you work and perfect,  take pictures and keep a portfolio to choose from for future reference and design refinement.

I create a collection of beautiful table settings each season to select from if you’d rather leave it to the pros. It’s all done for you without worry.

Enjoy  a few more images of this spring design.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and on spring color dining table palettes you enjoy.

Have a beautiful spring season.

In love & style,




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