Summer Chic

An element of the sea made of reproduction white composite coral fashioned into a 12 light candleholder.

Perfect for dining tables or as a perfect home decor item. Reserve yours now

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A stunningly classic statement in design created for your ease of entertaining. All the shopping is done-for-you just as flowers and friends

A stunningly classic statement design created by hand featuring lush faux foliage, blooms and buds

Earthly Elements

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, by artist Jamie Dietrich, this round glass float embellished with White Coral, Selenite, and Sea Fan will look stunning wherever it’s placed.

These artisan pieces are entirely handcrafted using either natural sea life, geode stones, minerals, or crystals which are personally hand-selected by Jamie.

Style Concierge

Although the Living Beautifully collection covers a great many styles, you may prefer a fully-customized design for your tabletop, living space or next special occasion. Click below for more details on our one-on-one Style Concierge Service.


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