I created Living Beautifully® from a vast lifetime of overlapping experiences. Whether it involved fashion, floral, events, decor, or well-being, my life revolved around the beauty that was stored within me. By sharing each of those touch points, abundant joy was infused, not only within my clients, but within me as well.

LIVING BEAUTIFULLY IS, a curated resource of intersecting ideals.

It is a stylish guide of inspired living practices for you, your surroundings, and your life within.

Living with beauty was not always easy for me; thus, the act of bringing joy to others through my talents and critical eye was not only reparative, it was also transformative.

Please, don’t get me wrong. The beauty of which I speak refers to not only what is aesthetically pleasing, but also of the gift of sharing exquisitely uplifting ideas. Beauty, to me, runs deep. It is not the superficial layer but the underlying spirit.

Some view beauty as a superlative, but I disagree. I have always viewed it as a process or a journey. I noticed the way that the general mood of those around me is elevated when I create it, shape it, and give it away, and that caused a ripple effect that touched me and heightened my own spirit.

My friend and teacher calls beauty a “divine gift” that needs to be shared with everyone. I couldn’t agree more.

My hope is that, by sharing my point-of-view on beauty, others will see the value, appreciate it, and continue to enhance their lives.

Here you will find a place that offers the multidimensional way of truly living beautifully.

Yes, of course, you will find gorgeous items for your home and yourself. You will also connect to the transformative spirit of beauty through stories and thoughts that I share, along with those of guest contributers. Ultimately, the intention is for you to radiate that beauty, yourself, and through that, reach the lives of even more people.

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What's In a Name?

You know what they say about a rose with any other name… it would smell as sweet. Yet, while this is true, a name can mean so much to a person, especially if bestowed with love, as my moniker, Petah, was given to me by a few special individuals in my early career. It stayed with me, like a dear friend.

As for Living Beautifully, well that stunning title was developed through a long and meaningful conversation with a genuinely inspirational person, who helped me consider ways to harness my experiences and create an online space that elevated its visitors. For her guidance and friendship, I remain ever grateful.

About Living Beautifully

Living Beautifully® is a registered trademark with the United States Trademarks and Patent Office and is owned by the parent company “The Creative Residence, LLC.” LB formed in 2019. With much research and development a brand emerged becoming Petah’s personal joy and now life’s work.

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