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Promotional Codes

From time to time we will offer Promotional Codes for special discounts, free shipping, for a single or multiple uses.

The promotional codes are used during the checkout process when reviewing your cart and prior to payment. 

To receive future Promotional Codes in your inbox please visit our LB Community Page  to sign up. 

Some promotions are offered on the LB Shop Main Page.

There are some limitations for Promotional Codes. These limitations can include specific LB vendors, items and price points. Each code’s usage is qualified with it’s own parameters when issued.

Vendors Excluded from Promotional Codes, Sale and Discounts:

  • Global Views
  • Vista Alegre
New companies can be added to the list above. Always check back making certain you are aware of exclusions prior to use.
Services  and Other Items Excluded from Promotional Codes:
  • Sale Items
  • Shipping, Handling, Delivery
  • Gift Wrap (unless specified as a free promotion)
  • White Glove Service 
  • Gift Certificates
  • Other Promotional Codes unless specified in the terms of a current, and specific promotion 
(Amount and frequency of Promotional Codes offered are at the sole discretion of our management and not a guaranteed event.)

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